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Remember that thanksgiving story your teacher told you when you were young. The one about the Native American named Squanto, who helped the pilgrims communicate to the natives. Squanto was a translator that assisted the Plymouth colony and he was part of the federation of tribes nearby. Squanto was kidnapped at a young age and was left in Spain after he escaped being sold and eventually found himself in England, where he learned skills that would help him gain power in the relations between Plymouth and the nearby tribes, which he abused to his own gain. Unbeknownst to many, Tisquantum and other Native Americans were kidnapped by the trader Thomas Hunt. According to John smith, Thomas Hunt “most dishonestly, and inhumanly, for their kind usage of me and all our men, carried them with him to Malaga…” In layman's terms, he stated that the Native Americans were kidnapped inhumanely for them to be the slaves of others. This quote is from a partner of Thomas Hunt after he kidnapped Tisquantum and the others, it explains how what he did was inhumane and how he did it for his own personal gain. After being left in Spain, Tisquantum starts to…show more content…
The article states that “He had somehow found himself passage from Malaga, Spain into England, where he began living with John Slaney in Cornhill, London, and began picking up the English language. John Slaney was the treasurer of the Newfoundland Company which had managed to place a colony at Cupper's Cove (Cupids), Newfoundland in 1610; he employed Tisquantum, presumably as an interpreter and as an expert on North American natural resources.” This quote from the article states that he learned English which gained him a position with John Slaney of which he was translator and expert in natural resources. After making his way back to his home, he eventually gained power with the knowledge he had gained in

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