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Introduction: My Kitchen Rules and Heston’s Feasts are two cooking programs on television, which provides contrasting content, form and purpose, along with the unique style and context associated. Heston’s Feasts is an informational food experience show where Heston Blumenthal, who is the central focus of the show presents a three-course meal whilst maintaining significantly professional standards. Heston believes that the future of food should be developed from the past, but modified to suit modern society. Heston looks at specific historic periods as inspiration for his episodes. Whilst alternatively, My Kitchen Rules is a reality television program, that consists of multiple contestants who cook to win wealth and reputation. The show provides…show more content…
My Kitchen Rules is set within a modern time period whilst in contrast Heston’s Feasts finds its inspiration from previous historic time periods that varies each episode. The specific episode viewed presented food based on the medieval timeline; thus, the meals that were presented were derived from that period of time. The two television programs do not have specific viewers, however, Heston’s Feasts is not regularly available to the common household and is aimed at a more sophisticated audience whilst MKR is highly advertised and is regularly available on television for individuals to view on a regular basis. My Kitchen Rules draws inspiration from other reality television programs such as Master Chef whilst in comparison, Heston’s Feasts is a significantly unique informational show although; it isn’t the first of its kind. The commercial element is easily distinguished in My Kitchen rules to promote and advertise certain brands and equipment from sponsored brands towards the targeted audience whilst contradicting there are no cross-promotions present in Heston’s…show more content…
Both of the shows are presented in manner that follow a recipe format whist this is more prominent in Heston’s Feasts. Where Heston presents meals beginning with an Entrée, followed by a Main and finishing with Dessert whilst correspondingly the contestants in MKR present their meals in a similar fashion however the focus is more on the ‘narration’ rather than the meals. This mimic of a recipe-formatted show in Heston’s Feasts creates a realistic approach to the show, which primarily adds to the entertainment value. Correspondingly in MKR the ‘narration’ of the events adds realism to the show and also through narrating events allow the contestants to dramatize the material that is presented thus, entertaining the audience. The meals presented in Heston’s Feasts are prepared by Heston who has access to numerous facilities and equipment, which regular kitchens don’t whilst in contrast the meals are prepared in a regular kitchen with utensils that most individuals would have access to. The meals presented in Heston’s Feasts varies on each episode where Heston focuses each episode on specific historic moments as an inspiration for his food, and it is set in a manner that it mimics a book where there are chapters to the program however, MKR is more focused on the elimination of the contestants on each episode. Due to the facets the viewers are enticed to watch

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