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Rosa Parks is a woman who changed the world. Rosa Parks is known as the (“Mother of Civil Rigts”). She became famous because she created the boycott. She refused to give up her seat to a white person. She always stood up for what she believed in. Rosa was born in Tuskegee, Alabama. She grew up in Tuskegee, Abbeville, Pine Level, and Montgomery. She went to many schools and she also grew up in a house containing four other people and five including herself. Rosa grew up with her grandfather, grandmother, mother, uncle, and younger brother. While Rosa was growing up she had many run ins with white people and did the wrong thing but the white people never did anything so she never got in trouble. When she was little she used to sit beside her…show more content…
Rosa was never afraid, she thought it was a normal thing. Rosa always stood up to white people when she was young, and her grandmother and mother always yelled at her for it. They said “You’re going to get us killed Rosa!” She always stood up for what she believed in. Rosa ended segregation, she took a case to court and had to pay for not giving up her seat to a white person, so she and a bunch of people teamed up to create the boycott. There was almost no one on the busses. Blacks walked, took a taxi, took a carriage ride, or a black bus, and segregation ended. Now we have an “african american” president, Barrak Obama. Back in 1913-1992 Now if you ride a bus or do anything everyone has equal rights and everyone has the same amount as respect as anyone else. IBack in 191 through 1992 blacks weren’t allowed to vote. You had to be approved by the government that you could read or write. Rosa was denied two years in a row and the third time she was finally approved. She could now vote. Rosa parks life was remarkable because she is the mother of the civil rights movement and she made everyone equal, and she stood up for what she believed in and never gave up. Rosa parks was a very incredible woman. Rosa Parks deserves all the respect in the world. She

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