Superman Needs To Die Essay

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Superman Needed To Die In the 1992, DC Comics decided to kill off the original superhero and leading star Superman in the Superman: Doomsday! timeline. With Superman’s quick return from the grave fans felt deceived and taken advantage of. How great were the historic implications? Did The Death and Return of Superman serve a literary and social cause or was it all a publicity stunt? Without a doubt the attention of this historic event in the comic world was unprecedented. All of the hype was formed from the fact that an iconic character in American literature, pop art, and history was to make his final appearance. He had become more than a work of fiction; he had become a symbol of hope, strength, and moral certainty. This was to be the conclusion…show more content…
He’s an outsider sent from above to come down, correct the wrongs of the world, and lead civilization to salvation. He’d been doing a fantastic job at it as well founding numerous superhero teams, must notable being the Justice League. They assistance Superman in his efforts to change the world for the better and lived and Superman helps them to do the same. Similar, to the way in which Jesus rounded up disciples to aid him in his mission and ultimately continue it after he ascends. Fans had forgotten all that Superman has done over the years from inspiring men, women, and children to become heroes in their own ways to symbolically fighting the Nazis in WWII, boosting moral for the troops. The creators felt the audience’s actions paralleled with the fictional Lois Lane article Why the World Doesn’t Need Superman. They felt people had forgotten Superman; they want people to ask themselves “did we take him for granted? Perhaps we did. Maybe we all did…” (Lois Lane 1). Jesus’s and Superman’s actions influenced people whether they realized it or not. Just as people in the real world look to the sky and pray to God, the citizens of Metropolis looked to the sky for their savior they idolized as a god and still even they “overlooked, was that he wasn't just saving peoples lives, he was changing them” (Louis Lane 2). The creators use Superman: Doomsday! to remind the world of the importance of Superman and

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