Short Story Summas's 'Breaking Knees'

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This is the fourth short story in the stories collection book that named Breaking Knees. Although this story is very short, but it inspires readers a lot and affects the view of readers to see this social issue or events through its tone, mood and the perspective. The majority context of this story is that there are three boys all failed in the school, two of them said that they can use their relationships to pass the school; however, another boy doesn’t have any contact with those people who owns authority, and so he cannot pass the school. First of all, the general tone of this short story is depressed and satirical, and it influences how the readers feel about this issue, let them know background society of this story and have a better understanding about this story. The author used the words like "confusion" and "fail" in this short story…show more content…
It reveals the character’s motivation to the readers. From the beginning part of the story, the readers can feel the three boys are very naughty; this lays out the groundwork for the following text that they were fired by their teacher. At the same time, the tone also affects readers’ interpretation of events. For example, there are many people who have authority or money, they can use the relationship to do and solve many things. And that’s unfair to those people who don’t have any relationships. Lastly, this story gives an inclination to the story. The other two boys can pass the exam by people they know; however this boy’s relations don’t know anyone who has the authority can help him. So he will just fail the school, which is pretty sad. Readers can see a sharp contrast between the poor boy with the other two boys and have a stronger feeling about the tragedy of political

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