How Does Kate Chopin Use Situational Irony In The Story Of An Hour

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The Untimely nature of Life According to Webster’s Dictionary irony is a rhetorical device that consists of an event that is funny or strange because it does not correspond with what was expected to occur. Kate Chopin uses situational irony in her short story, “Story of an Hour,” to illustrate the patriarchal nature of society in the 1800’s and how it affected women’s views. Chopin uses the story of Mrs. Mallard, a presumed young woman, with heart problems; the story is about the supposed death of her husband, and how it affects her view on marriage and her life. The first instance of irony is when Mrs. Mallard first learns about her husband’s death; the expected response would be for Mrs. Mallard to mourn. Mrs. Mallard does, for a bit. She wept alone in her room, over-looking the “new spring life,” the peddler, the twittering sparrows, and the green…show more content…
After witnessing the new spring life; she realized she too could have a new life. Upon seeing her surprisingly un-dead husband, however, Louise’s heart gives out. Louise had mourned her husband’s death, regained her identity and a new perspective on the world in a short hour, and now she hoped for a long life, which a few days prior she had hoped would end soon. Ironically enough, Louise did die that same day, the day she “saw beyond that bitter moment [her husband’s funeral] a long procession of years to come that would belong to her absolutely. And she opened and spread her arms out to them in welcome.” Richards again tried to save Louise the heart break, but unlike the first time he gave news, in which he was too fast, he was too slow to veil Louise from her husband. Doctors state that “she has died of heart disease-of joy that kills,” but after reading, “Story of an Hour,” one can deduct that Louise died at the thought of being oppressed by marriage again thus illustrating the patriarchal nature of their

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