How Does Robert Schumann Use Mas/473 Narrative In Music?

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XIAO ZHANG MAS 473 Narrative in Music Analytical Narrative Essay: Robert Schumann’s Symphony No.3, Op 97 4th Movement 4/17/2015 ID:900241112 Robert Schumann’s Symphony No 3, Op 97 is an example of another great of symphonic music that achieve new clout in the 19th century: a need on the part of composers to better completely complex composition and instead bring classical ideas, narratives setting and events. Schumann favor on his Third Symphony the title ‘Rhenish,’ and he might well have explained its music as expressing the soul of the Rhine. The Fourth movement, "Feierlich" (solemn), The whole 4th movement is like a song to praise the greatest church. It is written in key E flat major. However, people feels like in E flat minor. The movement begins with a sforzando E-flat minor chord in the…show more content…
Following music of such grand caution, the finale seems all the more afloat. Here, as in the fourth movement, rhythm accounts for much of the music’s liveliness. Schumann guides the movement atrociously to a celebratory climax. In Cone’s article he mentioned that the well-composed song should assure the listener that the composer’s music is both musical and phrasal - that the constant musical personality, including the protagonist, is creating words, music line, and accessory in concert. How, then, within this musical complex, the protagonist can appear to live out his own character belong to his own part as it were. Our analysis of song as an equivalent of a mixed narrative histrionic model remind that every piece can be heard in two ways; as the background on the one hand of the composer’s persona, on the other of the symphony protagonist. The eventuate tension between the reason of the composer’s persona and those of the character is especially obvious in Schumann’s 3RD Symphony, where the rebirth helps to organize and keep up the actual personality of the

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