Brewster Seaview Landscaping Case Summary

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The Brewster-Seaview Landscaping Co. owned and run by Joe Brewster is small private landscaping company that hires students in the summer. During the first summer the workers showed great enthusiasm and responsibility for the work that they were doing due to the relaxed and informal atmosphere Joe had provided. Maslow’s theory of hierarchy refers to the model that displays the order of what factors motivate workers. As the lower level need becomes satisfied, the next higher need is the primary motivator. (page 114) The most important part thing for workers is survival, motivation is almost nonexistence if workers are paid unfair and jobs are at risk. The physiological need is met when the workers are hired as they are paid well, trained and given bonuses. The next motivating factor is security need is where workers seek stable physical and emotional environment issues such as benefits and fair work practices. Although the case study doesn’t mention any benefits or physical issues, it does highlight the fact that Joe was fair to all employees and treat them equally. (page 114) After the security needs have been met the next motivator is belongingness needs which refers to social acceptance issues such as friendship among the crew and customers. The work environment also provided…show more content…
This change resulted in workers not putting in as much effort as they were dissatisfied of the atmosphere. To change this, I would implement the four-drive theory which states that there are four drives that motivate a person at work. Drive to acquire, this is the company’s reward system where workers would be differentiated from average and high performers. Also, employees should receive credit for outstanding performance such as a bonus or title. The problem with the wage was that each worker was receiving base wage so there was no incentive as last year where worker was paid

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