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AN EMBEDDED GAMING SYSTEM FOR PARAPLEGIC PATIENTS USING labVIEW 1KEERTHIKA.D, SKR ENGINEERING COLLEGE, 9884816745. 2NANDINI.S, SKR ENGINEERING COLLEGE, 9840120269. ABSTRACT Various projects have been proposed for disabled people. Many virtual machines are also in existence. This paper emphasizes the virtual gaming with hands of paraplegic patients using labVIEW. This gaming is developed to enable the hand movements of the patient. This movement of hands helps the patient to burn calories and results in reduction of cholesterol in the patient’s body which in turn reduces the risk of heart attack for the paraplegic patients. It mainly concentrates in the development of a virtual game using labVIEW and also enhances the development…show more content…
Paralysis is distinguished by functional loss in the lower limbs and trunk typically due to vehicular or sporting accidents, gunshot wounds, and falls. Non traumatic causes like Spina bifida, neoplasms, or scoliosis can also cause paraplegia. Paralysis is characterized by motor or sensory loss in the lower limbs and trunk. Such events occur as a result of automobile and motorcycle accidents, sporting accidents, falls, and gunshot wounds.The adjective “paraplegic “ was attested in1822.The noun meaning "paraplegic person" was first recorded in 1890. Spinal cord injury or a congenital condition such as spina bifida which affects the neural elements of the spinal canal. Paraplegia is the spinal cord injury or a congenital condition such as spina bifida which affects the neural elements of the spinal canal.Hence a different technique for helping paraplegic patients is employed to burn the calories by hand exercises.For this hand exercise,a game is introduced using…show more content…
TOOLS USED The important tools used for the gaming is speech synthesizer,image display in labVIEW,speedometer,IR sensors,line follower circuit,DAQ for interfacing.Th concept is to develop the gaming in hardware and software and also interface it using the DAQ .The pedalling cycle is also used by the player to begin playing the game.It is connected to the speedometer . SPEECH SYNTHESIZER The speech synthesizer is to generate voice signals in order to guide the player in proceeding the game. The speech synthesizer is used to tell the instructions needed by the player or to guide the player to move appropriately. Hence this tool helps the player to increase the speed as per the instructions told by the synthesizer.

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