Narrative Essay About Dreams

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Dreams are tricky things, often with more than one meaning, that pertain to our life in some profound way. Before I began studying dreamwork, I would often share my dreams with family and friends as a funny anecdote that we could all laugh at. Knowing what I know now, I’m not as quick to share my dreams with anyone. They are the cryptic language of the unconscious, riddled with puns and metaphors, ready to be dissected. I have many vivid and unusual dreams, but one dream in particular has been recurring. It’s wild, uncomfortable, and sending me more messages than I know how to decipher. My dream starts here: I’m sitting in a dark living room of a familiar house. The house isn’t familiar to me in my waking life, but in the dream it feels familiar, as if I have been here many times before. Nothing is unusual about the house, other than the fact the power is out. The living room is dimly lit by a mass of candles on the coffee table. I’m sitting on the ground at the table with another woman. She has short purple hair, facial piercings, and tattoos up and down her arms. Her style is gothic, complete with fishnets covering her tattooed arms, and dark ripped jeans on her legs. Thick black liner frames piercing blue eyes and makes…show more content…
All of these women exist as a part of me. Whether they show up in my waking life, or in my dreaming life, they are a portion of myself. If I feel that one aspect of life is lacking and the other is too prevalent, it is within my power to change that. The brave and carefree woman with the purple hair is me. I have access to her any time that I need it. The spider-woman, as another example, is someone I’m giving too much power. It’s within my ability to limit her. While I’ve yet to crack into the wealth of information that this dream has to offer, I believe that I’m taking away from it the message that I need right now. This life is mine and the only person holding me back is
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