Negative Effects Of The Conquistadors

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Peru is a widely known country with deep cultural roots, what most people don’t know is that the Spaniards conquered an empire within the country to make it what it is today. This empire that was conquered was the Incan empire, in the 1500’s Spain went to South America and the Incan empire was one of the first victims of the Conquistadors. The invasion of Spaniards in the Incan Empire left both a positive and negative effect towards Peru in 1532 to 1572. Many historical temples and artifacts were destroyed in the conquering. However the Spanish language was introduced and a country was born. When Spain wanted to join in on the race to explore in the New.World, they chose to go in South America where Peru is located. The new ideas that the Spanish brought were few that weren’t seen before and were used to create many new things for the small country. “When I set out to write for the…show more content…
The native died from European diseases that were newly introduced to them. Malaria, measles, and chicken pox killed off half the natives. The rest of the natives were enslaved. The conquistadors who ruled over the fallen empire did not rule long and died from the harsh environment. Bandits would come and attack and kill off both natives and conquistadors alike. Eventually Peru got wanted to separate from Spain. Both sides lost many and Peru won. The land was hard to grow food since there were deserts and jungles. Animals could easily pick off a passerby, even in their own homes. Death from a tarantula or scorpion happened often since they hid in the shoes of men. Before stability there was still chaos and death lurking around every corner. The new Peruvian government had many flaws in it. A thief could easily steal and get away with it in court. Incan culture was pillaged along with the villages. Architecture, artworks, and crafts were destroyed. The entire civilization was almost wiped

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