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Globalization and localization are interlinked processes that introduce new ways of approaching and rethinking about themes such as cultural exchange, change, cultural expression and local identities. This assignment will focus on the geographic region of the Balkans, a region overwhelmed with mystery, fear and misconceptions mostly made by the West. The relationship between Western Europe and Balkans has become a crucial theme of a discourse about identity and cultural expression in the region of the Balkans. Part of the “local Balkan identity and culture” is the music and it expresses. Considering the complexity and interconnectivity of globalization, localization and culture, the first goal of the assignment is to define and critically approach the notions of “globalization”, “culture and cultural imperialism” and “balkanism” presenting the…show more content…
The assignment will try to investigate and answer the following questions: • Considering the music and melodic particularities of the Balkan Gypsy music and the area that it is originated, can we consider the Balkan Gypsy music as global? • How does the performer, Goran Bregovic and the film maker, Emir Kusturica contribute to the expansion and popularity of the Balkan Gypsy music? • Has the Balkan Gypsy music and culture been affected by the globalization? And if so, is this interconnection positive or negative? Theoretical Background Globalization Globalization is a very neutral term and etymologically comes from the word global which does not have any kind of cultural, historical, religious connections with the notion world used to refer for the whole humankind, human society, the earth or a region of

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