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Monster: A Book Review The book I selected to read is Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member. At first I was extremely excited to read this autobiography and learn about the gang culture. Having lived in Southern California my entire life, I have heard a great deal about the Crips and the Bloods and their rivalry. My perception of the gangs was something completely different from what it actually is. I learned that it is such an organized and strategic group and that the members were so young when they were initiated. In addition, it was interesting to learn that blocks subdivide the gang and that one block of Crips will go after another. It is not such a close-knit family, which was my understanding before reading this book.…show more content…
Gangs are everywhere, and in order for me to become a competent social worker that may work with gang members one day, I felt it valuable to read this book. After I finished reading this, I still need to get more educated on the gang life and effects that it has on its members. Although I did enjoy some of this novel, the majority of it I did not. I give a lot of credit to anyone that is writing the story of their life especially when it is a life of difficult struggles. However, the majority of the book I feel was confusing and hard to read. In the beginning of the book I was very drawn to how Monster told the story of how he joined the gang. I enjoyed how he told the story of his initiation and how he got his name. I liked that the book is told in the first person It is interesting that every member has a name and their “little brother” is always a little with the same name. Even though they are out killing people and doing drugs, they are also a family that takes care of and looks out for one another. I did not know this before reading this book, I knew that the gang members were close, but I did not know that they saw each other as family. I can see now how children that come from unstable households are more apt to join gangs. They are told that they will have a family in the gang and to them this is something

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