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Until the beginning of the 20th century there was no formal education available for Dalits. Dalit literature as a genre emerged only in 1970’s through some of the Dalit protest movements in Maharshtra and Andhra Pradesh. Dalit literature is the literature produced by the Dalit consciousness. Human freedom is the inspiration behind it. Dalit literature must be written from the Dalit point of view and with a Dalit vision. The “Dalit view point” calls for writer to internalise the sorrows and sufferings of the Dalits. Any writer with some Dalit sensibility may have Dalit view point but not necesarily “Dalit Vision”. The differene between Dalit view point and Dalit vision can be found in the dsired objective. A person with the Dalit view point aims for a limited transformation whereas person with the Dalit vision demands a…show more content…
They would tolerate inhuman tortures of their husband mentally and physically. And as a dumb they would still respect the ‘haldi’ and ‘kumkum’ as a mark of reverence towards their husband and their marriage. Young girls at the age of seven and eight would be given to marriage when it is the time for an innocent child to play, and are thus subjected to mass exploitation under the hands of her in-laws, especially her mother-inlaws, who would love to suppress her to the maximum possible extent. She would ask her to take care of all the household chores right from morning to midnight starving throughout the day and would hardly get a rotten roti to quell her hunger. When she attains her puberty, her mother-in-law would go on pouring words in the ears of his son against her dughter-in law so as to keep the couple separated, thinking otherwise that she would destroy the bond of the mother-son relationship. In the worst form of oppression, the husband would chop off the nose of his wife if ever he happens to suspect her terms with other men. Baby

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