How Did Fashion Change In The 1920's

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Fashion is always evolving; it changes each year and each season. Women’s clothing specifically has changed the most compared to men’s. The 1920s is where most of the changes in women’s clothing began, it was the decade where dresses began to get shorter and women had a little more freedom to dress as they like. Present day fashion is also always changing because people don’t have as many restrictions as they did in the past. Women now have the choice to wear a dress or a pair of jeans, compared to the 1920s when wearing a pair of pants wasn’t socially acceptable. Present fashion has changed an incredible amount compared to how it was in the 1920s: Styles have evolved, prices have gone up, and clothing has become more revealing. The 1920s also known as the “Roaring Twenties” was the year where necklines got lower and hemlines got higher. Women began to wear short dresses that were above the knee, rather than the usual dresses that were…show more content…
People use fashion today to make statements with their clothing, accessories, make-up and hair. Women now have the option to dress how they like without the fear of being judged too harshly. Social acceptance still plays a small part in how women dress; they do not want to be degraded for dressing a certain way. In the 1920s, social acceptance was irrelevant to the “flappers” who did not care of what people thought of them. Fashion has become a form of expression, rather than a necessity as it was back then. Social class was important in the 1920s and was heavily portrayed in the clothing people would wear. Although lower class could find affordable articles of clothing, an upper-class person would flaunt and wear the most expensive thing they could afford. Nowadays social class has hardly anything to do with the clothing people wear due to the advance in street wear. Both today and in the 1920s women wanted to express change in the clothing they

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