My Life On The Road Gloria Steinem Essay

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Famed feminist Gloria Steinem has written some intelligent and thoughtful essays that make up her new book MY LIFE ON THE ROAD. While Steinem's writing is very readable it sometimes tends toward the dry and she has a bit of a condescending tone at times. In an age where we often pay attention to the loudest, most extreme viewpoints and their angry, overt appeals to our most base nature, it was refreshing to read a book that was earnest and un-cynical - while being honest about the flaws in the system. Steinem began her career in journalism, and she is one of the finest writers whose work I have read. For a brief time in years gone by, I dismissed her because of her sometimes-attachment to Democratic party candidates, but the sum of her contributions has been so much more that I missed the forest for the trees during that time of my life. Now I want to read…show more content…
It brims with anecdotes and encounters with people ranging from the poor and disenfranchised to the rich and powerful. She tells what she learned from each encounter and experience. Her life as an organizer, feminist, political campaigner and journalist inspires, enriches and enlightens the reader about the way we think about racial and gender equality. Gloria Steinem writes a book containing her musings and accounts of her travels, meetings and speeches. She describes herself as her father's daughter, since he was always on the road and never stayed home. She gives a brief idea of her life growing up; but this is definitely not an autobiography. She skips over much of the information that would be in an autobiography. She mentions an engagement, but not any real facts and as for the 2 years she spent in India she basically just tells about a few days spent traveling in a woman's train

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