My Sister's Keeper Family

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My Sister’s Keeper is a dramatic novel that explores the lives of the Fitzgerald family. In the novel, thirteen-year-old Anna Fitzgerald sues her parents for the right to control her own body, having being originally conceived as a saviour sibling for her eldest sister Kate, suffering from APL. Since birth, Anna has undergone numerous procedures to provide her sister with whatever she needed to fight the disease. And when the family learns that Anna needs to donate a kidney, her parents assume without question that she will do so. However, aware that she was conceived only as a genetic match for Kate, Anna still wants a chance to live her own life without the complications donating a kidney would cause. She retains lawyer Campbell Alexander…show more content…
So despite the expectations her parents had for her and knowing that without the kidney her sister will die, due to her relationship with Kate, Anna found it within herself to grant her sister her wish. This study guide will focus on the complex topic of family, and what comes with it - the expectations placed on each member, the struggle between loyalty to family members and independence, family bonds, and also what happens between family members when they are faced with adversity and tragedy (In this case, Kate’s APL). It is each family member’s actions and reactions that help the readers of the novel to come to an understanding about this - From the outside, the Fitzgeralds seem like any other typical American nuclear family. However, through the course of the novel, we learn that they are quite the opposite. We watch the Fitzgeralds struggle through the hardship and adversity caused by Kate’s illness. It is clear that although they are one family, the ongoing struggle with Kate’s illness is taking a toll on the members as neither Sara, Brian, Jesse, Kate nor Anna can seem to get along
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