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My Sister’s Keeper, is a novel by Jodi Picoult about a thirteen year old girl named Anna Fitzgerald, who was conceived to be a donor for her sister Kate, who has leukemia. Anna files a lawsuit against her parents alleging that she should not have to donate a kidney to her sister and that she deserves medical emancipation from her parents. Throughout the book, characters struggle with the morality of their choices- doubting whether their actions are wrong or can be justified by their deep love. My Sister’s Keeper teaches a lot of valuable lessons, but the most prominent theme that is apparent through the story is that love often creates an ambiguous line between right and wrong. Love for yourself often makes a person stray from their moral…show more content…
Sometimes, parents love a child so much that they become oblivious to the world around them. It could be said that there is no limit to love- that loving someone so immensely is beautiful and what makes us human. On the other hand, one could also say that love is no excuse to become blind to the other responsibilities in your life. One example of this idea in My Sister’s Keeper, can be found when the author states, “Traditionally, parents make decisions for a child, because presumable they are looking out for his or her best interests. But if they are blinded, instead, by the best interests of another one of their children, the system breaks down.” This quote proves that Anna’s mother and father are blinded by their desperation to save leukemia-ridden Kate, and are unable to balance all of their other obligations- like tending to the needs of their two other children, or maintaining a healthy relationship with each…show more content…
The bond of sisterhood is a special friendship, so strong that it overpowers all else. An example of this in My Sister’s Keeper, is when Campbell, Anna’s lawyer, asks, “Anna, who convinced you to do this?” and Anna responds, “Kate.” Then Anna explains that it was Kate who told Anna to hire a lawyer, because Kate did not want to be alive anymore. Anna loved Kate so much, that she was willing to do what Kate wanted, even aiding in ending Kate’s life, hurting Anna and her entire family. Anna was willing to face her mom’s anger, for seemingly appearing selfish, where in fact she was following her beloved sister’s wishes. One could say that it was morally right that Anna loved Kate so much that she was willing to do what her sister wanted. However, it could also be argued that this was morally wrong, for in respecting Kate’s desire to die, Anna was manipulating her parents; going behind their back and not giving them any say in the matter. The moral dilemna stemmed from Anna’s love for her sister, proving that love creates an indefinite line between right and

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