Rhetorical Analysis Of President Barack Obama

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In order for America to choose for a president we have to get convinced why we should choose that candidate. The job of the candidate is to make us feel like he or she will be a good leader. America has to know a little about them and see what their plans are for their country. In 2004, Barack Obama was senator for the state of Illinois. He was the spokesperson for the Democratic Party. John Kerry was the candidate for the elections of 2004 . During this time America was going through some hard times. War was going on and the economy was bad, we were ready for a new leader. Barack Obama states how John Kerry would be a perfect choice for presidency. Barack Obama tries to demonstrate why John Kerry would be a good leader with such attitude…show more content…
Many come to America with a positive attitude that their life will change but as soon as they see it is not working like they wanted they want to give up. Barack Obama starts off by talking about his background. With the background we get he tries to start convincing the audience why that should consider John Kerry. In the end every American might have a similar story to anyone else, and have one dream, the American Dream. Senator Barack Obama starts off his speech saying how he realizes how his chances of being up there speaking on behalf of candidate John Kerry were mot very likely. The only reason why he is up there is because of the hard work his father, mother and himself did to be successful. He came from an immigrant father who was a goat herder. His father had a chance to come to America and study and he took advantage of it. His mother went to school because of her father. He was joined the army and because of the GI Bill she was able to go to school. Both parents come from come from different parts of the world but had one dream. Barack Obama’s audience can start gaining some trust knowing that he knows that many have similar stories. He could of have a bad attitude knowing that it would be hard to become successful but he saw what his parents went through, he changed. Just like Obama’s parents had a dream , that American Dream many individuals have it. Some of us believe that no one can be like or have a similar story especially with someone who is at a government position. Every person in this world has their own story, but has that same desire to come to America and become successful. His parents dream lived on to him and he is now passing it down to his daughters. A lot of Americans who came from any country to have a better life also passes that dream

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