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Anna Fitzgerald youngest child of the Fitzgerald family and the protagonist of My Sister’s Keeper. She was conceived originally only to be a genetic match and a donor for her older sister Kate but has grown to be much more than that to her family. Described by her father as their family’s constant, thirteen-year-old Anna is smart, funny, and perceptive. It is evident through Anna’s narration of her own chapters that she is also more mature than her age and often ponders deep questions about her sister's illness and her role in her family. Anna’s perceptiveness contributes into making her a very conflicted character - her loyalty to her family and her struggle to exist independently from that loyalty both define her. For example, she tells…show more content…
Anna gets told by her mother to drop the court case, but Anna says "It takes enormous effort, but I manage to shake my head and rope the phone into the cushions of the couch." Sticking to her mind and what she believes in. The reader’s perception of Anna changes when it is later revealed in the novel, during the court case that Anna’s motivations for suing for medical emancipation was not only for her interests, but also for Kate’s interests. Kate asked Anna to refuse giving a kidney to her and Anna agreed, partially out of love for her sister but also partially because she longs for an ordinary life. It is clear that Anna is completely torn because she desperately wants to exist independently of Kate, but she knows she cannot satisfy her needs so as long as her main purpose in life consists of keeping Kate alive. She feels a tremendous sense of guilt for wanting to live separate from helping Kate and wonders if she is an awful person for feeling that way, because she is the sole person standing in the way of Kate’s survival by denying what she

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