My Sister's Keeper Essay

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My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult, is about Anna, a young girl, who was genetically created to be a perfect donor match for her older sister Kate, who suffers from acute promeylocytic leukemia. Her entire life, Anna has been donating things from platelets to bone marrow. When Anna is thirteen, she decided to go to Campbell Alexander, a lawyer, because she wants him to represent her when she files for medical emancipation. Three of Thomas C Foster’s main representations in How to Read Literature Like a Professor are reasoning and the quest, weather, and violence; which are all very evident in My Sister’s Keeper. Anna tells Campbell, and her family, that she wants to sue “them [her parents] for the right to my [her] own body” (Picoult 21). But at the trial, Anna lets…show more content…
Violence against something or someone, can bring people together that would never have come together in the first place. Or, it can tear people apart. In My Sister’s Keeper, Jesse is a young arsonist who sets fires in buildings throughout the city, “With the binoculars, I can make out his name, waking on the back of his turnout coat like it’s spelled in diamonds. Fitzgerald. My father lays hands on a charged line, and I get into my car and drive away” (Picoult 114). Jesse sets fires as a way to get attention, his parents are always focused on Kate or Anna but because his father, Brian, is the chief firefighter, when Jesse sets a fire he gets his father’s attention immediately. Fire is viewed as being destructive and uncontrollable. Kate’s cancer has these same effects on the family as it tears it apart from the inside out. Brian realizes that his son is the arsonist and when he confronts Jesse about it Jesse replies, “I couldn’t save her” (Picoult 397). This shows that Jesse’s fire are a physical representation of the guilt he feels about not being a donor match for Kate, not being able to save
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