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Introduction: This novel “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult contained a lot of strengths. And I’ve decided to discuss two main points. My first point which I will be discussing is why would year 12 students find this text interesting to read. And my second part which I am talking about in this essay is why would “My Sister's Keeper” be a valuable choice for a year 12 book club reading list. Why would year 12 students find “My Sister’s Keeper” interesting to read? I think year 12 students would find this dramatic novel interesting to read because Anna, her mother, her father, her brother (Jesse), her lawyer, her guardian ad litem Julia all tell the story from their own point of view in their own chapters. I like this technique that Jodi Picoult…show more content…
She wasn’t at all perfect, but that didn’t matter to her family. To them, Anna was precious and irreplaceable. Although she was only 13 years old, her death had such an impact on each of her family members. This is seen in the last chapter, where Kate says the following lines: “For a long time, afterward, my father claimed to see Anna in the night sky. Sometimes it was the wink of her eye, sometimes the shape of her profile. He insisted that stars were people who were well so loved that they were traced in constellations, to live forever. My mother believed for a long time that Anna would come back to her. She began to look for signs — plants that bloomed too early, eggs with double yolks, salt spilled in the shape of letters.” Through those lines, you see how much pain her parents endured as they yearned for something to hold onto so as to keep Anna in their memory. However, it was Kate’s lines in the succeeding pages of the last chapter that really made me see how much Anna meant to her: “I think about her kidney working inside of me and her blood running through my veins. I take her with me, wherever I go.” With those lines, I saw how greatly affected Kate was by Anna’s death: she believes that, through her, Anna still lives…show more content…
You can’t directly say the characters’ actions are either purely evil or purely good, as all their points of view seem justified — Anna wanting to live a normal life (free from surgeries, blood transfusions and the like), Sara wanting to prolong the life of her sick daughter, Kate wanting to stop her suffering, Jesse wanting to live his own life (free from the family drama) and Brian wanting his children to have their own lives. Each character has their own justification for their actions so you can’t blame any of them for doing what they did, this gives a more realistic feel and made me feel more connected to the book. I think that overall “My Sister’s Keeper” is a very noteworthy novel and everyone has a lot to learn from it, so I not only recommend this book to year 12 students but also to those people out there who have a mature reading

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