Rhetorical Analysis Of George Bush's Address To The Nation Speech

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George W. Bush’s Address to the Nation Speech Imagine one average morning you are completing work for your boss. On your way from the printer to your boss’s office a loud thunder is heard and the ground beneath you begins to rumble. Chaos is growing throughout the halls and it automatically becomes clear that something is very wrong. On September 11th, 2001, America faced one of the worst tragedies in history. An extreme terrorist attack was successful causing the Twin Towers in the World Trade Center to immensely collapse. There are times in life just as 9/11 when tragedies take place and amongst the crowd of chaos one person is often looked to for guidance and peace of mind. There are numerous situations that could be named but today is…show more content…
His use of logic and reasoning was one of the more important things in really making America and its people feel like one and having them believe that things would get better with the help of one another. In the speech Bush uses religious references multiple times that appealed to ways of thought. George Bush states phrases like “May God bless America” and “On bended knee in prayer” that apply to logos. (2) George Bush did a great job using various techniques in his speech. Although he wasn’t often praised for his speaking and speeches all together, the 9/11 Address to the Nation speech was definitely one to be…show more content…
With his help, he gave so much hope to those in need and whose hearts were mentally damaged. It was even better that the one caring so much was the president himself, one of the highest authorities. This is where ethos comes in. George Bush was obviously a high ranked man. With all of his inspiring words and softheartedness along with his high authority really had a positive effect on the people. In his speech, Bush exemplifies a strong, caring and humane man. It is said, “Today our nation saw evil the very worst of human nature.” (AmericanRhetoric 1) Showing part of George Bush’s thoughts on the attacks. One last thing that shows ethos in his speech was his non verbal actions. Throughout his speech he had his arm around a firefighter, signifying his appreciation to our nations help and becoming a part of that group to give a hand. Stated by (People-press 1) “The attacks transformed American public opinion and fundamentally reshaped Bush’s image.” Many people thought of George Bush differently after his speech on 9/11. Some for the better and some for the worse. I would say that it only benefited his image by showing the cooperation and helpfulness he displayed to the

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