Central Themes In Mcdonagh's The Pillowman

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Do writers hold a greater moral responsibility to the public about what they write? Or are they allowed the freedom to express their artistic views without consequences? These questions seems to be one of central themes in McDonagh‘s play The Pillowman, as it explores how a writer stories parallel the relationship between life and fiction. There are also multiple noteworthy themes in the play which are all symbolic of human suffering. The play uses a blend of dark humor and multiple twists to portray its theme to the audience, enabling them to understand the author’s goal of the play. In addition, the author’s goal is not only to help the audience apprehend the artist’s views of her stories, but for them to appreciate the importance of art…show more content…
I do not feel that the acting was completely ineffective, but it was lacking in portraying emotions from a few of the main characters. The character that I found to be the most effective actor in the play was detective Tupolski. Tupolski was excellent at portraying his role as an impassive and satirical detective. Not only was his acting natural and realistic, but I was thoroughly engaged and did not lose interest in his role. As a student actor, I thought his acting was very impressive. On the other hand, I feel that the main protagonist Katurian failed to portray realistic emotions from her character. Katurian’s acting was not very convincing and her relationship with her sister Michal was weak, a bit awkward, and lacking in emotion and energy. An example of this was during act one when she finds out that Ariel was torturing Michal in the other cell. Katurian’s reaction was not very believable because she failed to express emotions of empathy, and anger. As a result, I could not empathize with her character because her acting was a bit drawn out and it became difficult to follow. She failed to capture my interest after the first hour of the

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