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This is the second short story I picked for the reading logs, and I openly declare that this is the best short story because it is shortest one, beating Short Story by Vikram Karkev by 1 page. The real reason for loving the story is the title itself is so appealing. The title is short and simple, yet it made me wonder how a simple board game could be so murderous. The second reason for labeling this story is the best because Scrabble used to be my favourite board game when I was in primary school. It brings back memories of building the longest words with highest marks (with help from mini Oxford Dictionary), and of course the winning strategy which is by popping some tiles, especially the blank tiles in my pocket. The third reason is the…show more content…
There are numerous wonders and questions remained in my mind. Firstly, how could the wife do nothing and just watch the husband dying? Who is she? Isn’t she afraid of losing him? What will happen to her if her husband dies? Well, she seems to know her husband very well, including his habit and his thoughts. Or, is it possible that she is actually a psychopath, who kills people while playing Scrabble? Is that the reason why she is so good at playing it? Or, is it because as she starts to lose to her husband that she plans to kill him to keep her unbreakable record? All this while, the husband was the one who has been thinking on ways to kill his wife, yet he is the one who dies. Poor guy. Cause of death: choked by the scrabble letter. Well, that literally resembles the title; Death by Scrabble. In short, the way Death by Scrabble uses the elements of fiction and foreshadowing give the story character and significance. The invited reading of you get what you deserved is clearly portrayed and helps tie the story together. In the end, the result shows that how the husband’s arrogance backfired him, where he was the one killed even though he was the one who wanted to murder the wife from the beginning. Death by Scrabble is a game of jeopardy

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