The Family In Alice Walker's Everyday Use

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From religion to feelings and from opinions to personalities, all families share similarities and differences. These things are what make us and our families unique. One of these is the family in Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use.” This short story shows family issues that range from inner to outer struggles. Also, it shows the reader how to really value things. The family of this short story reminds me so much of my family with its fighting, caring, and loving attitude. One of the things that we have in common in our family is fighting or sibling rivalry as it was in the short story this real sparked a interest in me because me an my older brother who is also in college just like Maggie sister Dee. Is also a pain my side me an my brother…show more content…
Even through the fighting,bickering, and heart break of losing everything they had in the fire they still come together in a strange way an keep each other very close with there love and caring despite Maggie’s self a-stem problem from her scares her mother still loves her even her sister Dee in a strange way and you can tell that Maggie loves Dee back because she even came out and greeted her sister even when she left she waved Dee goodbye in her own way. When you look at this short story it will really make you value an appreciate the thing your parents an the people that care about you do and give you. It Should show you that other families go through things an problems to sometimes worst than the things your going through this short story tells you a perry good amount of things that you should appreciate but in “Everyday Use” their is just something that will make you put your self in it, and you will get deep in the

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