Personal Statement Essay: My Interest In Law

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My keen interest in law developed when my mother, a lawyer, decided to take me to court one day. I was quite young to understand the legal jargon or concepts but was intrigued by the manner in which the proceedings were conducted. Being a debate enthusiast, I was captivated by the dignity and respect with which the litigators argued their case before the Judge. It was not exactly a life changing experience, but being in court and watching the lawyers argue with one another, had a profound effect on me. I knew then that I wanted to become a lawyer. Receiving a law degree from Government Law College was the first step towards achieving my goal of becoming a lawyer. Through my five years in law school, I was consistently in the top 5-10% of the class, having received a first class for four consecutive years and graduating with honors. With its comprehensive curriculum and illustrious faculty, Government Law College permitted me to systematically learn all the basic courses of law, and exposed me to the major categories of…show more content…
The details, precision and the dynamism of this field of law excites me. I am amazed at how the extensive unpredictable social and economic effect of a particular corporate law is great enough to overshadow the original intentions of that law. Currently working as an attorney in the corporate department at Pandya Juris LLP, I have been given the opportunity to provide strategic legal advice to clients on a host of corporate laws. Assisting my seniors on complex negotiations, deals and transactions is something I look forward to with renewed vigor each day. Further, developing the corporate identity of the firm has helped me realize that law is not just about paperwork and arguing cases in courts. It involves several business aspects and the constant need to stay updated on all the new developments in the world, legal or

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