Abraham Lincoln's Definition Of A Hero

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What do you think a hero is? Well anyone could be a hero. No not Superman, or Spiderman, just regular people anyone in the world. Anything can describe a hero. Something that defines a hero is when they would risk their life for yours, or be there for you when something is wrong, or even someone who fights for what they believe in. One thing that defines a hero is when they risk their life for you. One very famous person, that risked his life for others, is Abraham Lincoln. In the poem "Martyr", the word martyr means sacrifice, so that would mean that Abraham Lincoln sacrificed himself to protect his country. So this is when others would put themselves on the line to protect you. This person could a brother, sister, mom, dad, friend, etc. Abraham Lincoln sacrificed his life for millions of people than just one person, which is a real hero. Another reason a hero could be someone who risks their life is my papaw, because his brother was drowning and he went to go save him, but he didn't know how to swim. So he put his life on the line to save someone else.…show more content…
For example, in the article 'Malala the Powerful," IS-year-old Malala was there for all the girls in Swat Valley. In the article it states, 'It turns out, there was something she could do. Malala possessed a weapon of her own: her voice. And she would risk everything to use it." She was there for other people and did everything she could to fix it. And she is not very selfish. In the article it says, "Her message was always the same: All children deserve the right to an education." She would be there for everyone and speaking for everyone to fix something to make is better when things were

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