My Interest In Architecture

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Imagination is a powerful skill, an fascinating ability evolving from our originalities and perspectives. Architecture attracts me. I was always wondering how the combinations of Science and Technology contributed to the arts of building and this thought has inspired me to know more about it. With the inspiration, I am strongly interested in Architecture because it allowing me to engage both creatively and scientifically with the artistic and functional aspects of design. Art has always been my true passion, and every forms of art has captivated me since I was a small child. All the buildings has its own value and representativeness. According to Winston Churchill, buildings can shape and represent different culture in a place. In my mind,…show more content…
In effect, these events allow me to work within a team orientated environment, whilst maintaining my individualistic sense of achievement. I have always enjoyed a challenge like sport that requires years of dedication. Playing multiple sports to a good club level and volunteering to organize and run sports events has demonstrated my leadership, organization and commitment. This is why I am ideally suited to this discipline. Besides that, in school, I held the position of the heads of association of clubs and societies. Being responsible for such hectic duty, I have learnt to prioritize the important ones and manage impromptu circumstances while organizing an event. Moreover, as the captain of the school men's basketball team, I have learnt how to lead a team to spearhead and the ability to handle pressure and…show more content…
I am looked forward to become a professional architect, a person who combines art and science to create comfort environments for people all around the world. And I believe that an education in the UK will help me to obtain that goal. To begin with, I wish to enroll into an university with high educational standards and to become a skilled specialist in my field. Moreover, studying in the UK, I will not only get knowledge and experience related to my study field but also develop my personal skills. I would be able to enhance my leadership and teamwork skills with joining the extracurricular provided in university. I must gain knowledge, experience and have a high level of competence in order to achieve my goal. I want to enjoy what I’m learning at university and be able to apply what I’ve learned in my

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