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INTRODUCTION Architecture is art you can experience by moving through its space. Christopher Wren once said, 'Architecture aims at eternity'. I can think of no better way to achieve eternity than to help create buildings of tomorrow that preserve the ideas of today. Ultimately, we are judged by what we leave behind. I believe that dreams are the foundations for success, but one can only build success with creativity and logic, especially when art can be so subjective. I can’t think of a better way to share my passion for architecture than to help create those dreams for others. Born and raised in India, I hope to be accepted to your program because I see it as the program with the highest degree of excellence possible and as the best match…show more content…
ABOUT ARCHITECTURE The beauty of architecture is that while it stands still, it has the potential to move. I seek innovation and appreciation, the opportunity to make architecture move people. I believe architecture is not only a skill but also, more importantly, a combination of creativity and imagination The world of design is exciting, especially in a developing global society. Architecture is not just the study of structure, but more importantly, the study of people. All architecture becomes a part of city planning; once a building is constructed, it is instantaneously a part of the local urban fabric. The issue of global warming opened my eyes on the issues of environmental contamination, fast-growing population and scarcity of resources. There is a huge necessity to modify the architectural processes in order to provide sustainable environment for next…show more content…
I would like to research the possible technologies that could be applied in order to provide a solution to these needs. (The technological implementation can take place in many ways, this could be a study which looks at the structure of a building specifically or developing a system of facades and ventilation which would make the building very efficient energetically.) I feel that doing my masters will help me to be able to understand and provide answers to the most urgent social and technological needs of the built

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