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One of the first things I've learned during my first week here is that I am not a fan of grocery shopping. The idea of going to the store and having to get all the ingredients for all the meals you want to make in the next week or so just stresses me out and doesn't help my anxiety one bit. Yay for being an adult! Another part of being an adult and a college student are the classes. Can't forget about those, right? My classes here at Maynooth started up this week. Much to my dismay, it took me about 15 minutes just to find my first class. Of course, the classroom I needed to be in was tucked away in the corner of a building, practically hiding. And, for another class, I had to search the building up and down before I found my classroom. Fun…show more content…
However, some of my classes don't even have a final exam (HOORAY!!!) and instead have more assignments throughout the semester. Don't worry, I still have lots and lots of homework that will keep me busy busy busy. It's going to take me a little while to get used to the way things work around here, that's for sure. It kind of makes me feel like a fish out of water (although there's no shortage of water because of all the raining it does here). It's not an easy feat to travel to a new country and live there for four months. It's actually quite scary to an extent-a different culture with different customs and a different way of doing various things. I am terrified I am going to do something wrong and accidentally offend someone, just because I am not used to the culture. In fact, before this trip and during this past week of being here, I have questioned my ability to be able to do something like this and if this is something I should really be doing. My self-doubt and anxiety doesn't help the situation, I know, as I've been spending a little too much time alone and stowed away in my room because of all these unpleasant and distressful

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