My Experience: My Reflection Of A Personal Experience

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I’ve had two pretty rough months and it has heavily reflected on my academics and my willingness to actually do things on time and care when I do things. Well, I think I started caring so much about everything that I got overwhelmed and basically froze, was failing multiple classes, and virtually had no time other than what I had in between dance team and studio or when I got home at ten and whatever time I had before I fell asleep at my desk. I didn’t know how to use the little time I had this semester and fell behind, especially after missing over five days of school in less than a month, I couldn’t really get my crap together and it showed. Sorry for being really lazy this quarter, I didn’t really know how to handle everything. How I think…show more content…
What I grew the most on this semester would have to be my arguments, I got more invested on my own perspective of things instead of just pulling something out of the air that doesn’t really mean anything to me. I’ve gotten better at not using really long sentences all the time and having run-ons, but that is still something I struggle with, I like my long sentences. I don’t think I’ve ever really had a problem with using complex vocabulary and sentences, but I do like to use dead words that don’t add to my writing at all. I’m also pretty sure I say this every single time I write my letter, but I like to circle around the point a lot. I’m basically incapable of hitting the nail on the head and getting on with it because for some reason I feel the need to address everything but the point I need to get across. I also learned that everything I do doesn’t have to be perfect. In all of my past time in your classes, I’ve spent it so worried on making sure that I have everything right that I go lost in what I was actually supposed to be learning. I’ve too often gotten caught up in classwork and I’ve never focused on the lesson of what were doing. Yeah, it will help us with writing and all that other stuff that comes with english, but the lessons in…show more content…
I did work on getting into more conversations with others and working on my political and cultural awareness, but other than that I had my head stuck up in other places besides being in class. I’m usually pretty prepared despite the few late assignments, I’ve gotten too accustomed to making excuses. And in carrying out assignments, I know I’ll probably finish them, but on a personal level level I’m not that dependent on finishing my assignments on time anymore. Like I’ve mentioned before, there is just too much going on right now and I can’t keep track of where I’m struggling and where I can put some slack. If I’m working on a group assignment I know I’ll always get my part done, but other than that I haven’t been the poster child for turning in assignments on time. I don’t like asking or receiving help in any way, yeah I should, but I don’t. I’m also a major procrastinator, nothing has changed since I’ve declared independence from it, in fact, it has probably gotten worse since then. I need to work on changing my habits and behaviors towards learning, but I’ve been given too much slack and it has become a norm in my life. People keep letting me push the boundaries and I keep taking advantage of that and I really need to stop. My work almost always meets high academic standards, I have to turn in things that I have at least some

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