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The leader shadow experience turned out to be one of the most valuable experiences I have had as a student at Concordia. Initially it was my plan to shadow a leader within my current organization, but that did not work out for various reasons. Unfortunately there were too many fires being put out our management to able to have dedicated time available for the shadow experience, although I did have two individuals express support. When I decided to go outside my organization, I chose to ask someone that I look up to professionally, that I knew to be making an impact as nonprofit management professional, which is the direction of my career path. My shadow experience was with Dr. Brenda Gray, Director of the WI AHEC System. Our paths crossed a couple of years ago while I was in a previous role with my current organization. That initial meeting led to her being someone I have been able to connect with as I develop my career. Our first session was a time where Dr. Gray gave me background on how she got to where she is today, as well as her thoughts around leadership. A couple of the valuable thoughts I extracted from that time include - Taking on a new leadership role means having an idea of where you want to…show more content…
1. I will raise my hand more often within my current organization so that I can be recognized as the leader that I am. While I do not see immediate potential for a leadership role within the organization, there is opportunity to practice my skills and leave the company better because I was there. 2. Begin a Leadership Journal to document my goals, successes, reflections etc. (almost like a vision board, but in a written form where I can jot notes, record my lessons to include my failures and successes, and document my wins). 3. Connect with other leaders to get insight and wisdom from their
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