My Experience At School This Year Essay

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My Experience at School this Year “A new story, a new beginning, a new door now opening” I remember my first day in Middle School. Maybe not clearly, but I remember some things. I remember that I wasn’t anxious, I had a relaxed attitude. In fact, now I´m more responsible and authoritative, and much less ignorant, I study and read more than I used too, although it screw up my nights, I sleep much less than in primary, not to mention the assignments the teachers leave. Exited I was considering I was about to see my mates after summer break and I was thinking, “Who will I be with?” ”Will I meet new kids this year?” and indeed I meet new kids (school partners) like Ana Redding, Emanuel, Toño, Pacheco, Ivan, Gael, Fatima, and others. After that, the…show more content…
The February 13th, the school´s committee organized a party, like the one of Christmas, but this one of the Valentine´s day, they organized a gift exchange between the students. The party didn´t make fun to me, I was just there, sitting on a corner, I don´t like to dance, I just dance when I´m alone, so I didn´t see any reason why I should dance, so I stood there, watching as everybody having fun, while I was getting bored. I started playing the violin, as a birthday gift; there was a violin, so I started playing
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