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The NFL has been the main professional football organization for over 50 years. Throughout this time, many players have suffered injuries, including body injuries, head and facial injuries, and other miscellaneous health issues. All throughout history, technology has been there aiding in the success of most everything and football is no different. Technology has been instrumental in preventing injuries in the NFL. One thing that has been in the news recently is CTE. CTE is a degenerative disease in the brain and has been found in the brain of many former NFL players (“Frequently Asked”). Dr. Bennett Omalu is the doctor known for learning about the brain disease. After many years of researching and testing he realized that the disease and…show more content…
There are many ways in which technology aids injury prevention. Most injury prevention methods have been aided or will be aided by technology. Injuries and health issues are a problem for everyone, not just athletes. In the prevention of head and facial injuries there are numerous technological inventions that have aided. The evolution of helmets have been very important in preventing head injuries and the facemask has been essential in the prevention of facial injuries. There are also many up and coming inventions that could aid injury prevention in the future. In terms of other health issues the NFL has been able to utilize technology that is available to everyone. However, the prevention of the most common type of injury, body injuries is where technology has most aided. The evolution of equipment, both apparel and workout equipment has been important in keeping the body protected and strong. In addition to the equipment turf, new tests, and therapy have been very important in preventing injuries. The NFL has vastly improved the safety of player’s over this past half century and with technology player’s will only get

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