Personal Narrative: The Mexican Narco War

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War makes you stronger.War makes you becomes a better person.War brings the best of you in order to survive.Through my teen years I faced the never ending mexican narco war.During this period I survived many near to death experiences.Cried myself to sleep multiple times hoping this war would be over.I sacrificed not being to see my family for two years on a daily basis.I faced discrimination from U.S customs and border patrol officers on a daily basis.War not only brought the best of me,but made adapt to a resilient mentally in order to beat the odds. The Mexican Narco War started back in 2006 with former president Felipe Calderon declaring war on the narco all over mexico.At the moment I happened to live in Matamoros,Mexico.Due to its geographic…show more content…
Rafael Nadal,my childhood hero and role model,once said,”Without suffering there is no happiness”.I have resemble this quote trough my life in order to beat the odds.It was a sunday morning just one day before my first day of highschool.My father was feeding me balls at the local public courts right in the heart of Matamoros.I remember he was telling to keep hitting the volley deep.All I was hearing was deeper,deeper,deeper.Until I heard gun shots followed by explosions of grenedes.My first reaction was to duck into the floor.I looked up to see what it was going on.All I saw was soldiers,and SUV’s trucks shooting against each other in the street .All this was happening in front of my eyes.This gun battle lasted for 7 minutes.The soldiers later came to check if we were fine.I saw blood and bodies all over the facing street.One of the farthest tennis court fence fell after a grenede explosion.I was schocked this was my first experience of the narco war.I remember me and my dad sat at the bench closest to the court just watching the soldiers pick up the dead bodies and cleaning the blood off the streets.I told my dad I wanted to go home.He laughed and said,I thought you wanted to one day lift the U.S open trophy.We started laughing and didn’t let this experience bother us form our goal.We just keept making the best out of the worst possible situation.That next day my father woked me up at 4:30am and by 5:00am he dropped me at the border crossing.I walked about a mile and waited

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