My Change In My Life

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This year you shouldn’t give up, go and strive, make a change in something even if that something is you as an individual person, family or friends and even the environment. I would like to improve or change three things about myself. They are to loose weight, to be active with my friends and family and lastly would be to stop procrastinating on school and other things. I have more but these flaws are the most important ones in my life as of now. I am going to put in a lot of hard work, dedication, and time into making these flaws as a hobby. I am doing little by little everyday and everyday I will put in more so it can be a little bit challenging for me but not so much to make me want to quit. This is so that I don’t have to bite off more than what I can chew. One of the main ones I would like to improve on as a person is to lose weight. It will be a tough decision because I would have to drop a lot of food but it would be for my benefit. I would physically have to make changes. It would be a tough and rough journey but those usually have good ending and…show more content…
I tend to wait last minute on everything and once the day comes I have two reactions. One would be that I’d panic to finish the assignment and get a worse grade than from me just trying to get it done. Second would be to not really care enough. I would feel like I would have no worries and just be relax and that that it’s not a big deal, that it would only drop a little. This flaw is not just at school, it in my everyday life. I would procrastinate on cleaning my room, doing my laundry, or going to sleep. My everyday life is mainly me just procrastinating or doing a terrible job. There are a lot of time where I get everything done and I have no problem but once I behind even just a little bit I just no longer want to continue, like I just get lazy. This is a big resolution that I need to overcome so I can get

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