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When the word “ambition” comes to mind, people may think of good thoughts that associate with it, by fulfilling dreams, and getting what they want in life. The desire to make their life worth wile and the satisfaction of completing that dream can make a person’s life feel meaningful, but ambition can also work in the opposite direction. When least expected, ambition can sneak up on someone making their dreams and goals the only thing they focus on, corrupting their mind to a point where it is the only thing that they care about. Ambition is evil; it nags and pervades the mind with thoughts of arrogance and selfishness. It pushes and pushes until the mind gives in and is taken away onto a path of no return. When someone possesses ambition, it allows them to do great things, but great does not always mean good. Take Mary Shelley’s character Victor Frankenstein for example, ambition corrupted Victor’s mind; his mind was filled with thoughts of success and only success. He had cut himself away from his family and friends, not caring and only concentrating on his work.…show more content…
Even when Justine was accused of the murder of William, Victor knew that his creation did it, but he never spoke up. The ambition and pride that he had handicapped him from speaking up; he was more concerned about his reputation and what other people may think of him instead of worrying if his friend goes to jail. Victor regretted what his choice was by dolefully thinking, “Justine died, she rested, and I was alive. The blood flowed freely in my veins, but a weight of despair and remorse pressed on my heart which nothing could remove,” but even after Justine died, he did not try to make it right. He was extremely brilliant, but his morals were oppressed and reduced to an abject state by which he could not return (Shelley

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