Macklemore Vs John Lennon Essay

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Since the evolution of music videos in the 1980s, artists have produced videos for promotional or artistic purposes. While modern music videos are primarily used as a marketing device, both John Lennon and Macklemore have developed artistic videos which force the audience to consider the issues of world peace and gay rights. Although the techniques used in both music videos differ, the underlying message of social justice is evident through the lyrics of their songs. Both Imagine and Same Love, prove that no matter what the era, music videos are an effective medium to inspire individuals to enact change in the world community. Although the genres of both music videos differ, Lennon and Macklemore use the conventions associated with their…show more content…
His lyrics feature strong use of imagery, designed to allow the listener to visualise a peaceful world. While the lyrics could be considered simple, the meaning behind them is clear. They force the audience to think about a world at peace and the serenity of non-violence. Because of this, Lennon’s lyrics seem almost like a prayer for peace and a call to the world to lay down their weapons. Conversely, Macklemore has sandwiched strong political statements within the narrative structure of the song Same Love, designed to criticise all those who oppose equal gay rights. He has specifically done this to force the viewer to think about how the hip-hop community views homosexual people, the fact that they live normal human lives like anyone else, but are ostracised because of their sexual preference. Similar to Imagine, Same Love includes a repeated chorus used to consolidate the message the artist is trying to deliver. The underlying similarity between both videos is the plea to help, whether it is to the community in the hope that homosexual people will finally become accepted, or a plea to save the people of the world who are affected by

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