Music: The Role Of Music In The World

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Music is one of humankind’s greatest achievements, and we all love it. It is the most popular thing on the planet, and every society on earth from the edges of the Arctic Circle to the depths of the Amazon rainforest all perform music as a part of everyday life. Knowing how music works helps us to sing, play and write it, however; before we can understand how music works we should take one step back and have a quick look at sound. It is such a central element of our daily lives that we may take it for granted, but what is happening when we hear a telephone ring, a dog bark or a piece of music? Sound is created when something causes the air surrounding it to move. For example, the vibration of a guitar string sets the air around it vibrating which then passes from each air molecule to the next until this energy reaches our ears placing pressure on our eardrums. Our ears have developed in such a way…show more content…
Music is made from sound but what is the difference between music and all the other sounds that we encounter? When does it cross over from being noise to being music? It seems that people have very different ideas as to where music stops and noise or non-music begins, for some people music has to be beautiful, others say it has to represent ideas or contain some meaning. Most people agree that music is created when we organize sound, however; what we take these sounds to mean whether we find listening to it wonderful, terrifying or just confusing is based on our own personal experiences, the culture around us and probably a bit of luck. People will try to tell you that their music is special and particularly refined intelligent or expressive and far superior to everything else. But this is not true because all music is created from the same ingredients whether it is a rock band playing or an opera singer singing, ultimately there is no

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