Hip Hop Verves Rock And Roll

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Compare and Contrast Subcultures: Hip hop verves Rock and Roll What would the world be like today if we didn’t have music? Pretty quiet for the most part considering music is a part of our daily lives. We constantly hear music whether we are driving in our car, watching a movie, or even playing a CD on a play set. Music is used by many individuals to express ones feelings or emotions to a certain mood or situation. Just like many people in the world, music is very diverse and varies in different genres and subcultures. While there are many different genres, two popular subcultures in music are Hip-Hop and Rock. A subculture is defined as a group within a larger group. Hip hop and rock subcultures have their own variances’ or beliefs that…show more content…
(Hess) Although language is found worldwide, words in the language have different meanings based on the genre. Language is used as such a powerful source and control on social life. This type of language separates the inequalities between groups and people to help one maintain their place of origin. (Hess) Hip hop is a form of the English Language originating back in the 1980’s by the black urban youth. (Price) Hip hop artists of the subculture use different types of “slangs” to characterize an individual or thing and combine different beats to make a rap. (Price) Hip hop artist are genially composed of good behavior. Their actions consist of mostly break dancing which are sometimes vulgar, but mean no harm. (Price)The Rock language was originated from a British subculture after the conclusion of the war in the United Kingdom.…show more content…
Some male Hip Hop artists are normally seen wearing large, baggy shirts with a fitted ball cap and some sort of jewelry hanging from their neck. (Hess) Female artist on the other hand are more “dresses to impress” with their fitting dresses, leather high-heel, and expensive designer purses. (Hess) In contrast rockers are often seen wearing blue jeans, leather jackets, and boots; often portrayed as the “rocking roll, biker look”. (Pielke) Converse shoes, originally knows as Chuck Taylor shoes, are sometime seen on the shoes of the rocking role artists as well as thick, black eye liner placed around the outside of the eye. (Pielke) Rock and roll artist as well as Hip Hop artist are all seen wearing some sort of arm jewelry or piercing to their body, as well as have tattoos that are visible on the human body.

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