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Music, dance, and historical poetry are some of the most significant aspects of the Highland culture. Following the immigration of Scottish people to the United States, numerous aspects of the traditional Scottish music scene can be found in the country. The harp is a famous traditional musical instrument that continues to be a marker for Scottish music to date. The history of Scottish music cannot be discussed without mentioning the instrument. It gave an decorative touch to Scottish music and made it unique from other musical styles. Different musical instruments in the Scottish culture played different roles in music. The harpists played their music on the history and clan issues of Scotland. The instrument was used in music that informed people about the history of the culture, its traditions, and the form and nature of the clan system. For this reason, the harp has both a historical and a socio-cultural significance in the Scottish culture. This essay analyses the socio-historical and the cultural significance of the harp in…show more content…
The instrument was used from as early as the 7th century and almost declined in the early 18th century. In the late 18th century onwards, the king of Scotland at the time noticed the disappearance of the instrument and worked to revive its use. The harp has since then been recognized in the Scottish culture in the domestic and international circles. The harp is a depiction of the value of music in the Scottish culture and the significance of music throughout the generations. Although there are other famous Scottish musical instruments used in the Highland culture such as the Bagpipes, the harp is the most recognized because it is the oldest musical instrument associated with the culture. Its endorsement is a preservation of the traditional Scottish culture. Although the harp is not the only musical instrument in Scotland, it is the most reputable and preferred

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