Handel Vs Bach

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During the Baroque and Classical eras, many advances in music were made. Numerous notable composers contributed to this evolution of music, three of which are Bach, Mozart, and Handel. Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21, 1685, into a German, Lutheran Christian family with a reputation for musical talent. He soon became proficient in the violin, harpsichord, and organ after being taught by his father and uncle. Bach attended the old Latin Grammar School at age eight; he learned reading, writing, Latin grammar, and scripture translated to both Latin and German. Unfortunately, at this time period, mortality rates were high and Bach lost a sister, a brother, his mother, and his father at an early age. In comparison with other major composers,…show more content…
He is recognized for memorable yet profound melodies in the Italian baroque style. Handel used a fairly straightforward harmonic language in comparison with Bach’s complex dissonances. He is known for singing, long, florid melody lines. In his lifetime, he composed 42 operas, 29 oratorios, and 16 organ concertos. Handel is also accredited to a large number of cantatas, trios, duets, arias, ecunemial pieces, odes, and serenatas. Handel and Bach were both notable Baroque composers; however, they express many differences. Handel wrote several operas whereas Bach wrote much more church music. Handel was noted for simpler harmonic progressions than Bach’s surprising, intricate shifts. Bach had an incredible ability to compose music with more than five contrapuntal voices while Handel preferred simpler textures. Bach and Mozart composed in separate time periods; Bach is associated with the baroque era; Mozart is associated with the classical era. During the baroque period, music was dance-like, formal, and made for the harpsichord and other baroque instruments. During the classical period, the modern piano was already made. Due to this difference in time periods, the sounds of their music are substantially different. In Mozart’s music, more details, softer and louder tones, and the use of the pedal are all noted. In Bach’s music, numerous contrapuntal voices are layered along with ornamentation, terraced dynamics, and a rigidity that is not found in Mozart’s compositions. During the baroque period, tempo was more

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