How Did Ww2 Affect The Theatre

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I chose to write my paper on the affects that World War II had on the theatre not only in the United States but all over the world. This topic hits close to home for me, because I know of the sacrifices that not only military men and woman had to make, but the sacrifices that the men and women back home have to make each and every day also while atrocities like World War II are happening. We live in a completely different time and world today with all of our technological advances, but World War II was a major turning point not only for the United States but for the world and every single person in it even if their country was not a part of that war or not. World War II began in 1939 when Hitler invaded the country of Poland and finally ended 6 long and deadly years later in 1945. World War II involved. Most people say that World War II was the most significant period of the 20th Century. The war was not only between the United States and Nazi Germany, but also our allies in Britain and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan joined forces with Nazi Germany to almost bring the world to its knees. The United States supported the war front in a wide range of efforts…show more content…
Our allies in London were not as fortunate. Many theatres throughout London were forced to close as a result of the ensuing war. Blackouts, air raids, and bombings were making it extremely difficult for the theatre industry to strive overseas let alone just peoples average everyday lives. Theatres all over the world were also suffering during this time due to the fact that many materials that were used for everyday work in the theatre were being used in the war. Many materials that would be used in theatre including paint were being rationed by the government making it extremely difficult to put on a

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