How Does Antony Use Repetition In Killing Caesar

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Does an accusation of love overpower an accusation of ambition? This question is placed into the minds of the Roman people after hearing the speeches from Brutus and Antony. They both attempt to use rhetoric to support their accusations against Caesar. While Brutus and Antony were both respected, one’s use of rhetoric is more superb than another’s, because of the use of appeal, the use of repetition, and the use of exaggeration in their speech. To start off, the use of appeal is a major difference between the two speeches. Brutus attempted to use logic, in order to persuade the Romans that he murdered Caesar for a just cause. He strived to state facts; however, he failed to truly capture the Roman’s hearts and beliefs. On the other hand, Antony used pathos to persuade the Romans. His use of emotional words, like love, heart, and cry, persuaded the Romans to believe that Julius was not ambitious, but instead he was very cordial and affectionate. Furthermore, the use of repetition sets the two speeches apart from each other.…show more content…
Brutus used repetition when he states his reactions towards Caesar’s actions. This use of repetition supports Brutus’ reasons for killing Caesar. Oppositely, Antony used repetition throughout his speech, in order to persuade the Romans that Caesar’s death was unjust. He repeatedly stated that, “Brutus says he was ambitious,” after each support that Caesar was loving, in order to discredit Brutus and make Brutus appear to be a deciever. In addition, as Antony repeatedly stated, “Brutus is an honourable man,” he developed a sarcastic tone, which made his audience notice the erroneous information in Brutus’ speech. Also, the exaggeration used in the speeches created a rift between the

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