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When we entered this Governor’s Mansion, we met a wise man; he explained to us about this ancient section. What the most things grape my attentions are the heavy locker was green and gold. Also, there is unusual thing about the locker door has a gold piece drilling on it, two sales men and three businesses men. After finished Governor’s Mansion, we visited the Sharlot Hall building; it is the most thing importance thing for me. Therefore, the clothes was oldest designed and the color was traditional color such as brown, dark red, black and white, and dark brown. Also, I saw especial section for native American in Sharlot hall building. It contained interesting information on the wall, one of those is a basket has held everything from seed to snakes. In addition, I read about Patricia McGee. From more than 23 years, Patricia worked developing the tribal government and the tribe’s economic base. She also followed her grandmother,…show more content…
She changed the woman history when she became to Arizona in 1882 with her family. So, Sharlot Hall was born in 1870 in Kansas. In addition. Her name chose by her uncle who claimed it was of Indian origin. Therefore, her father built a ranch, he planted a lot of fruit tresses in 1980 and he called his ranch "Ranch Woman." Also, sharlot was writing about "Ranch Woman" in her writing. Sharlot Hall had several achievements in Prescott, Arizona. Such as, In 1906, Sharlot Hall became active in the crusade against the congressional measure which would have brought New Mexico and Arizona into the Union as one state. She had worked to preserve Arizona’s historic past. The famous dress, she wear in when Calvin Coolidge won the presidential election of 1925, Sharlot was selected as the elector who would deliver Arizona’s three electoral votes to Washington. It made her popular accessory from copper a cactus hat as she lectured about Arizona and it’s

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