Much Ado About Nothing Movie Comparison

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The story of Much Ado About Nothing has been told in many ways, but when asked which version is better the only logical answer is the Classical Shakespeare adaptation. The classical Shakespearean adaptation is better than the modern Shakespearean adaptation film production because its true to the time period, is spoken is Shakespearean language, and more accurate to the story line. This story created by Shakespeare has very shocking turn in events throughout the story line, that's most likely why the film was enjoyable and it can be changed so much through the eyes of each producer, some better at telling the story than others. To begin, the classical Shakespeare adaptation is much more effective at showing insight to the Shakespearean time…show more content…
The classic film follows the original story line, while the modern version tends to change some parts throughout the coarse of the story. The modernized film gives the viewer a inaccurate idea of the film. With changes to the characters, wardrobe, time period, and location you fail to grasp the main idea of the film. One change I noticed was in the Shakespeare Retold version; in this version Don Jon isn't playing the same role as the bad guy, but rather being hero's stalker trying to win her back which changes many aspects of the film. Another change made to the story in the modern films is once again in the Whedon version, the change was between Beatrice and Benidick which we got flashbacks into their history together which greatly impacted the film since we kind of had to infer it in the classical film. But I do enjoy the uncertainty of their past and I like coming to my own conclusions. If the story lines hadn't been changed as much as they had I would've probably enjoyed the film more but since they lacked the same story line the film was less accurate in my
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