President James Polk Dbq Essay

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President James Polk declared that Mexico was not keeping their word to their treaties made with the United States. Polk claims that a country that cannot enforce a treaty fails to preform one of its simplest duties. Polk claims that Mexico has stopped trading with the United States and the Mexican government is at fault. Polk is trying to portray Mexico as a poor warmonger that is neglecting its land in the North. Polk was trying to justify claiming Texas. Polk claim that the United States must honor herself and defend herself. Polk claimed that American blood was spilled on American soil, when that was not the full truth. This document is only trying to set America against Mexico. In the next document described how cruel it is for the United States to be annexing…show more content…
The people in Texas are mostly made of Americans. They will act with the Americans and not with the Mexicans. The Americans are being invasive to the population. Americans are robbing the land of the Mexican people. The American people taking land in the land grab are not doing wrong, but the people trying to gain a political advantage or trying to spread slavery are. In the next documents Massachusetts expressed that the idea that America could capture land without a fight was still bad. They were stealing land from Mexico and it is an act of war. When Mexico tried to defend its self, killing a few Americans rumors spread that Mexico was the warmonger looking to kill Americans. The war was not instantly resolved Americans troops were still battling within Mexican boarders. America is committing a crime by stealing land from its weaker neighbor. Americans should stay within their own boarders. Americans have flaws, they justify stealing land with expanding slavery. In the next document the Whig party was pointing out how the glorious achievement of gaining land in the war was not that

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