Much Ado About Nothing Love Analysis

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In Shakespeare’s play, Much Ado About Nothing, he demonstrates the many different perceptions of love and shows the result that each will bring. He does this through the characters: Beatrice, Benedick, Claudio and Hero. Alongside looking at these occurrences, the bible can be used to define what love is and what it is not. There are three topics that will be discussed in this essay; What Claudio believed to be love, What Beatrice believed to be love, and how the bible defines love. The results and actions will help to define true love. Claudio is a young man-- if you’ll call it that-- that has just returned from fighting courageously in a war. He is so called “ Love struck” at the sight of the lovely Maiden, Hero. He immediately thinks of her as a goddess and asks about her dowry as if she was a gem instead of a human being. At the masquerade party you would think that he would woo her himself, would you not? But that’s not the case; he…show more content…
Their names being, Benedick and Beatrice. These two start off as witty, rude and sarcastic towards each other. Yet, there is still a hind of a vulnerable attraction that is protected by the insults. Benedick at first believes that to become a lover is to cease to be a man. He finds love to emasculate men. In all honesty, both are hurt from not succeeding in the past to court. At the Masquerade party, Beatrice even admits that she wishes that Benedick had chosen her to dance with, not knowing that Benedick was the man she was speaking to. Their friends scheme to get them together by purposely having them eavesdrop while they talked about their love and pain for each other. Being humbled and relieved, both have compassion and caused each to fall deeply in love. The evil deception brought Beatrice and Benedick’s love to a stronger level and created breakthroughs in their relationship. They end up marrying on the same day that Claudio marries
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