One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Literary Analysis

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Nikhil Narayan Mr. Kaplan English 11 P4 May 26th 2015 Law vs. Love (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) In the Story of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” By Ken Kesey which was published in the year 1963,in New York by Signet books. !!!!!!!!!!!!. Law vs Love is a common theme in this literature, as the author is trying to point out that love is more important than law in the story. Throughout the story, law is maintained with strict rules and regulations for the patient's, whereas love is hardly ever mentioned . However a few laws were broken by the patient's but doesn't prove that love is more important. The story is set in a mental asylum, known as Oregon psychiatric Hospital. As all the mental patients are male in the ward, they are…show more content…
McMurphy takes the patients on the fishing trip, he fights and forces Big Nurse to leave the inmates alone or take responsibility in helping them to recover by use of love rather than strict rules and regulations. !!!!!!!!!!! The ordinariness of fishing for men who have been afraid of the world beyond their walls confirms for that the men they are capable, that the destruction of their confidence by Nurse Ratched is on her opinion, not the reality. In Part two of the novel, McMurphy quotes to Billy Bibbit, Dale Harding and sefelt “Tell me why. you bitch for week about how you can’t stand this place, stand the nurse or anything about her, and all the time you ain’t committed. I can understand with some of those old guys in the ward. they’re nuts, but you,you’re not the everyday man on the streets, but you're not nuts.” Chief Bromden believed that McMurphy is a “giant come out from the sky to save them from the combine”. He later organizes a party in the ward to lose Billy’s virginity. The next day Nurse Ratched found out about the party and found Billy in a ward room with a women, she shames Billy so badly that he committed suicide, Mcmurphy get so angry that he started assaulting

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